Iran Hotel Show 2016


Fourteenth International Exhibition of Construction, Design, Engineering and Equipment for Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes.
/ Mashhad International Exhibition Center / clock hits 17 to 23

Why Mashhad

Mashhad is the tourism hub of Iran and the second largest metropolis in religious of the world that annually receives more than 30 million domestic and foreign tourists which should be promoted to 40 million in her vision on 1400

The development and improvement of Mashhad tourism infrastructure to reach the targets of Mashhad vision on 1400 was due to motivate the professionals in various sectors including construction and equipment , design to chose Mashhad, and now it may consider her as the largest hotel workshop in the Middle East

Now in Mashhad

More than 60 percent of residential centers of country
More than 200 hotels in operation
More than 350 hotels , resorts and tourism projects
More than 2,000 active restaurants
More than 50 large shopping center
More than 6 indoor water park
The largest tourism project in the Middle East named (Haft Bagh Qurani
The most active Exhibition Center in Iran


The objectives of the exhibition

  •  Meet and introduce facilities and capacities in the field of tourism and hospitality
    Identify problems, obstacles and weaknesses in these two areas, encourage individuals. businesses and institutions to enter and work in the tourism and hotel sector and prompted the government agencies in charge of the support and assistance of the said industry insiders
    Establishment of appropriate context in order to take advantage of the potentials of hotel, tourism and related industries to job creation in the country, benefit from it’s very high level income generation of these industries
    Providing the necessary infrastructures for tourist hospitality and find the solutions necessary to omit obstacles as much as possible with taking into account the cultural and social criteria- Meet with domestic and foreign organizations, associations and institutions of tourism and provide their expectations to authorities and enforce them to accountability

 Given that the hotel industry and tourism have the third largest revenues in the world, one of the highlights of the exhibition is to promote the tourism industry to replace with oil revenues dependency to some extent and create the culture of foreign tourists welcoming in society


  •  Meet practitioners with innovation capacities in the international arena and encourage them to reach international standards
  • Understanding the problems and shortcomings in residential centers and hotels and find possible solutions to resolve them
    Learn how to successfully manage hotels in the world and using methods of improvement and standardization Hotels to fix their problems
  • Why attend the Hotel Show 2016 is a unique opportunity

Why attend the Hotel Show 2016 is a unique opportunity؟

 show related goods and services in the hub of tourism and residential centers of Iran
Ability to meet and contracts with local agencies
Feasibility study on the pristine and considerable fields for investment associated with the exhibition headlines
Have new strategy in exhibitor and visitor attraction to get appropriate outcomes
Invite the delegations of hotel and residential center investors and operators from different countries
Invite the delegations of domestic investors and operators especially from Mashhad, Kish, Shiraz, Isfahan and Tehran, and
Assign a dedicated space for meetings and trade negotiations with domestic and foreign experts and hoteliers
Use filtering and selection system of participants
Have professional and practical workshops, specialized for hoteliers and owners of residential centers

Along with the exhibition events

 Workshop to reduce energy consumption in hotels and residential centers
Workshop on national building terms and safety in hotels and residential centers
Workshop on tourism and the role of municipalities in tourism development
Meetings of expert advice on matters related to the fields of investment, construction and equipment for hotels, hotel apartments and residential centers

Participants fields of activity

  •  Hotels and tourist villages
    Organization and related organizations , unions and associations , related institutes and universities , publications and books
    Travel agencies(air, sea, land and rail) , airlines and passenger terminals
    Activists of designing, manufacturing, consulting and equipment for hotels, resorts, restaurants and cafe shops

 Hotel and Restaurant Suppliers expertise and training centers active in this field
Materials and modern facilities appropriate to the hotels and resorts

 A variety of hardware and software for hotel and restaurant
Electronic systems, intelligent control and security , audiovisual equipment, satellite receivers and related equipment
Banks and insurance companies
Hotel and passenger cars Cars, vans, etc
Reconstruction, repair and maintenance of hotels and accommodation
Energy consumption reducing and energy management systems
Design, lighting and interior decoration, fountain and landscaping

– Hotel and a restaurant wood industry, furniture, beds and chairs and all kinds of chandelier
Industrial kitchens, refrigeration and warehouse equipment
– Sports and fitness equipment ,design and maintenance of Swimming Pools, Sauna and Jacuzzi
Cafeshops and cafe equipment
Landry equipment
Hotel vacuum cleaners and central vacuum cleaners
Hotel and restaurant containers and services

 Hotel textile
Hotel food, include of food, beverage, confectionery and chocolate
Hotel Hygiene, include a variety of detergents and cleaners
Equipment and Consumer Goods Supplements


Exhibition Timing

Duration Period

May 25-28, 2016
Invitations Apr. 4,2016

Registration Deadline

Apr. 9 ,2016
Reception Deadline for Book Exhibition Data Apr. 9 ,2016
Reception Deadline for ID Card information Apr. 14 ,2016
Date of Booth Building May 22-24, 2016
Opening Ceremony May 25,2016
Time of Visit ۱۷-۲۳pm

Stands Discharge Time

۹May 29, 2016

Tariff of Stands

Tariff with equipment and exhibition structure 110 Us$ per (sqm

Fair 2015 at a glance

Date: 7 to 10 May 2015
Location: Mashhad International Exhibition Center
The number of participants: More than 112 companies
Space: 15,000 sqm
The number of visitor specialist: over 15,000

Booth fees include

Rental of covered exhibition space
General exhibition public safety
Print your name and company information in the book exhibition
Print special Identification Card for exhibitors
Targeted and specified advertising
Daily housekeeping
The inscription on the stall doors
Wireless high-speed Internet in the halls of the exhibition venue

Exhibition accessories includes

Custom exhibit
Promotion and advertisement
Booth equipment
Direct phone line
Residential facilities with special discounts
Electricity (three phase
Employees, translators and service force stationed in the booth
Cargo in exhibition


Person In charge: Babak J.M.Shahri

Direct Phone:051-36010337

Fax:051-36158 extension 1

Cell Phone:0098 935 5020352

Web site: